www.youravon.com/julieolivero (jewely) wrote,

oh :/

i'm looking at this college checklist and it lists all kind of junk that I have.. but then i realize that some of that stuff belongs to my family, i can't take it..

thank god..

oh and I get to move in a few days early because I sold my soul to the food court.. I was thinking about working with the foreign kids or maybe lifeguarding.. but dining services pays a recruitment bonus and moves you in 2 days early.

that 2 days is fucking worth it

i just have to go buy a bunch of shit :/


oh and my sister called off her wedding and kind of moved back in.. her lease isn't up until november, but they're both still paying half the rent, and she's moved some of her stuff into my house..

so now i have two gigantic maine coon cats that she's decided to move into my house

ruby is pissed
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hey where are you going to college?
Eastern.. what about you?

ps my Reno is going with me <3 :)
aww!! how perfect :)
wayne stateeeee.
ps my natalie and jazman are going with me haha.
for dance?
yeah how bout you?
elementary education in language arts, minor in french
thats awesome :)
i always thought you were gonna go somewhere with french!
if ruby's pissed it's because he's a boy cat named ruby.
pretty things have pretty names regardless of their sex.